Jimi Hendrix – Hound Dog Blues (Olympic Studios) Lesson

Hound Dog Blues: an in-depth analysis of the first part of the solo. The track is found on the West Coast Seattle Boy compilation. Showcases Jimi Hendrix classic movements over a 12 bar blues structure. Subscribe to the Newsletter

Jimi Hendrix – Villanova Junction (Maui) Lesson

Full lesson of Villanova Junction live at Maui 1970, Hawaii. An example of Jimi Hendrix’s brilliant improvisations, including octaves, blues phrasing, flamenco influences and more. Subscribe to the Newsletter

Jimi Hendrix – Message to Love (Woodstock) Lesson

The main rhythm part, solo and interlude section of Message To Love live at Woodstock explained. An example of Hendrix creative embellishments and hammer-ons over a chord progression. Subscribe to the Newsletter