Jimi Hendrix – Message to Love (Woodstock) Lesson

The main rhythm part, solo and interlude section of Message To Love live at Woodstock explained. An example of Hendrix creative embellishments and hammer-ons over a chord progression.

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10 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix – Message to Love (Woodstock) Lesson”

  1. Jordan Woodson

    Absolutely love that you’re making these incredible lessons! I’m a huge fan of you work and I truly believe that you’ve perfected Hendrix’s style ! Would love to see castles made of sand , stone free , & little wing lesson as you’ve done amazing renditions of them on your channel. Thank you for the amazing content and please keep up the incredible playing !!

  2. Thank you for the lessons. love that its just guitar. makes it more managable to learn. Love the work and effort, thank you.

  3. Carlos Andrino

    Conheci este site ao assistir Pali Gap no YouTube, e gostei muito das variações dos acordes naquela música. Message to Love eu já toco, muito similar à esta versão. Iniciativa muito legal essa de fazer este site.

    1. Thanks! The gear I’m using is this: Road Worn ’60 Strat with Fender Pure Vintage ’65 pickups, Focusrite Scarlett Solo, Reaper, Amplitube 4, Sonus Grey Fox Wah, Jam Pedals Fuzz Phrase, WEM Dominator MK3. For the Uni-Vibe sound I’m using the Uni-V from Amplitube.

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