One-on-one lessons

I offer personal guitar lessons on Hendrix’s techniques, playing style and habits.

The approach is hands-on, with example excerpts from songs and music theory explanations. Aside from learning the actual phrase in the track, I want you to understand why it sounds good over that chord progression and how to incorporate it into your own playing.

There are no pre-requisites and if you’re a complete beginner, I can teach you the basics and we’ll slowly progress into some intermediate techniques. Every student is unique and I’ll adapt my teaching style to your skills level and experience. 

I can also teach songs note for note, breaking down all the parts in depth to get all the nuances as in the original recordings.

Zoom video conferencing software is preferred. Skype, Hangouts or Teams are also good alternatives. These software let you record the video and save it on your device, so you can review the lesson at any time.

Get in touch with me for more information, I’d be happy to hear from you!