Jimi Hendrix – Hear My Train a Comin’ (Dick Cavett Show) Lesson

Guitar solo lesson of Hear My Train a Comin’ solo, as performed at the Dick Cavett Show in July 1969. Classic Jimi Hendrix licks on the E minor pentatonic box.

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8 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix – Hear My Train a Comin’ (Dick Cavett Show) Lesson”

  1. MADNESS ! Greg you have brought the building blocks of Jimi’s playing to the masses! Hats off to you my friend ! Please keep it up! My son who is almost 24 is soaking up all of your lessons which basically makes a player more free to explore and find their own tone!
    Thank you, Dan

  2. Hey Greg, I just wanna post this comment to appreciate all the content you have made. I don’t like tabs but I’m not able to transcribe any Hendrix’s song note for note by ear either. And your videos have helped me a lot along the way. It’s very humble of you to have these free lessons as well. You are a big influence to me. Thank you.

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